Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm re-making this blog I guess???

I've returned from a long hibernation phase with a mind full of thoughts.
First of all,
I've got some new friends, and lost the old ones. No need to regret. I've just realized which one is real and which one is... not good enough to be considered as a friend.
Nothing much happened in my family. They're still sucks. My parents keep shouting to each other loudly, bickering over trivial things, and stuff like that.
My brother was just started his Junior High School life. He's a preteen now. I hope he would savour his new journey.
and I've tried to deal with my depression since I found out that "this phase" has come again. I've suffered from this shit years ago and I already knew it that I'm going to make it this time.
It's just a phase okay everything's going to be better, someday, I hope.
and I promise to myself not to do selfharm or anything related with that stuff so yeah I'm going to start writing again.

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