Thursday, October 31, 2013

For someone out there beneath the sky.

I love waking up next to you
I love being able to touch your hair
I love seeing you from a distance while you're doing things you've always loved
I love making you smile
I love hearing your laugh
I love wearing your hoodie while we're going out enjoying the night sky
I love your smells
I love the way your presence keeping me warm
I love the way you glanced at me
I love listening to your music
I love learning every single thing you like
I love blowing my smoke towards your face just so you will slap my mouth and we will laugh over it
I love every clothes you wear; it fits perfectly on your skinny body
I love seeing you being quiet and thinking about what will you do tomorrow
I love hugging you just so I can feel your bones against mine; knowing you're exist
I love you
And all those little things about you
While I am, constantly telling myself it will never be about us.

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